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By Janet C. Goldman
Salaam/Shalom is the true story of a Jewish woman’s experiences as a teacher in an Islamic school as she embraces a beautiful awakening and learns to focus on likenesses rather than differences. Janet Goldman relies on extensive research and her own personal experiences during her two years of teaching at the Islamic school to offer a compelling glimpse into the many similarities between Islam and Judaism. Through comparing religious and cultural practices, ranging from prayer traditions to food, Goldman hopes to help bridge religious barriers and encourage a peaceful world. “In this book, the lucid descriptions of both Jewish and Muslim traditions and our respective communities will help bring about understanding and hopefully, more peace through knowledge.” Rabbi Alan Katz, Temple Sinai, Rochester, NY “Janet’s book is not only a self-reflection but also for many, a raising of the curtain.” Yasmin Kabir, Principal, Westfall Academy
FORMAT: Softcover
By Carmen A. McDaniels
This book contains a collection of writings based on daily emotions and the rollercoaster that we call life. Contained within the pages are little sentiments written to give a peek of what is hidden within the deepest parts of someone's heart. These pieces were intended to portray how one may feel and how others can relate to what one is going through. This book is a collaboration of emotions that enable us to cope through it all and still be able to hope for a brighter tomorrow.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Micheal T. Hurley

Cops everywhere have their stories.

The retired police officers of the Oxnard Police Department are no exception.

Like the stories told by officers anywhere, Oxnard PD's stories, too, seem to grow each time they are retold until few can offer an iron-clad guarantee that they are today the way the stories actually unfolded then. Some officers, however, offer an iron-clad guarantee that these stories reflect their current memory.

Offbeat is a collection of their stories. In another sense, they represent the stories of all police departments everywhere for it is these stories that provide the perspective necessary for sanity in, at times, an insane world.

Offbeat is the humor behind the badge.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Chris Hargrove

Grady Williams was on top of the world. Raised by middle class parents in a small town in Tennessee, he became a successful Wall Street investment banker. His picture was common, not only on the front page of the business section of the New York Times, but also on its society page. He had it all! A beautiful and talented girlfriend, a friend that was like a brother to him, and more money than he could spend in two lifetimes.

When a series of tragic events occur, almost simultaneously, his life is turned upside down. Grief, loneliness, and loss cause him to lose interest in all the things that had once seemed so important to him. In search of himself, he abandons New York, money, and people he thought were his friends. The discovery of an old boat, with a suspicious past, and its restoration become his new obsession. The energy that he had once put into his business career he channels into his new love of the sea and his boat. He becomes determined to sail his little boat to whatever destinations he can dream.

Little did he know that his slow and ugly boat, Slugly, would take him on an odyssey containing a drug trafficker, a shady Caribbean real estate deal and, ultimately, a string of murders. Grady’s knowledge of high finance, the love of “the deal” and his interest in a mysterious woman he meets in the Bahamas casts him into a game where winning and losing is not measured by profit and loss, but in life and death.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Walee

Walee, the Double-Dipped Scoop of Chocolate Deluxe, is back and just one taste of him is STILL never, ever enough. This time around he offers a potpourri of poetic passion that explores the myriad complexity of dreams - wet ones, nightmares and sweet ones – all of which are sure to remind you of a love that was lost and found and lost again. Rage, rants, and revenge prose are deliciously balanced with matrimonial bliss, ceremonial testimonies and happily ever afters. You won’t want to awaken from the REM induced state this reading will cause.

So slip into something comfortable or wear nothing at all. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, exhale slowly, count backwards from ten, and let your dream state take over enjoying the echocolation that will surely leave you spent but feeling oh so good.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Omar Farhad
Heartbreaking and timely novel by Afghan-American author follows one man’s journey from New York to the clutches of the Taliban and into an unintentional polygamist union. “He is picking up the same bags with the same clothes Lisa packed and folded a year ago. He wishes he were like his clothes, untouched by external forces.” Family man Nick Blake is living in New York City and working for the United Nations. Born and raised in the United States with broad knowledge of the Afghan culture, he is living the All-American life with his wife, Lisa, and their children. His life is turned upside down when, while on a diplomatic mission to Afghanistan, Nick is kidnapped and finds himself in the clutches of the Taliban. Omar Farhad’s debut novel Honor and Polygamy follows Nick throughout his eighteen months in Afghanistan and the devastating and unexpected turns his life takes, as he learns the true meanings of home, history and culture. After being held captive for several months, Nick is forced to marry the sixteen-year-old Shaista. Although he cannot forget his beloved wife and children back home, he finds himself falling in love with his second wife and, overwhelmed with guilt, is torn between his old life and his new one. Honor and Polygamy is far from simply a captivating fiction story, but is also a brilliant commentary on the United States’ situation with Afghanistan. Farhad expresses his views on both the political and the cultural sides of Afghanistan. Politically, he is predicting how he feels the war will ultimately end, while culturally, he shows readers not familiar with Afghanistan that the 35-year-old war has created a population, which is uneducated, disloyal, and without identity. The United States and many other nations have continuously disrupted Afghanistan with no clear political objectives, and, in his novel, Farhad explores the consequences of these actions. The story of Nick Blake represents the reality of the Afghan culture and the results and disappointments of the political realities in Afghanistan, and shows readers just how unaware we all are of other cultures. Written by an author who has lived both the American and Afghan ways of life, Honor and Polygamy is a harrowing, haunting and deeply moving tale for our times.
FORMAT: Softcover
By David Frazier

You can have a deep devotional life with Christ!

180 Days behind the Curtain provides an opportunity to make a complete “180-degree” turnaround in your devotional life. 180 Days behind the Curtain serves as a magnifying glass for examining the Word of God, as well as a daily vehicle to transport you into that Most Holy Place behind the curtain. This interactive devotional is both inspiring and challenging, and is excellent for individual study, Sunday School classes, and home groups. You will find a rich mine overflowing with the deep truths of God and the greatest of all treasures—Christ Himself. Hearts that are dwelling in heavenly devotion to Him change lives that are dwelling on earth.

“David Frazier will take you on a spiritual journey that will challenge and deepen your faith.”
Kyle Idleman
Author of Not a Fan; Associate Minister for Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

“In a world where truth has taken a backseat to pleasure, and depth of spiritual meaning has become an abandoned child, 180 Days behind the Curtain is a breath of fresh air; a journey to be experienced by every Christian.”
Dr. Ron Frazier, DBS, DD, ThD,
Professor of Theology, Master’s International School of Divinity

“With the skill of a spiritual surgeon, David Frazier uses the scalpel of God’s Word to cut precisely where it is needed most: into our (often stubborn) hearts.”
Luke Gilkerson
Community Manager, Covenant Eyes

FORMAT: Softcover
By David D. Peck, PhD
With the extensive amount of information available online today, it is often difficult to determine the validity of facts presented and even more challenging to put them all into perspective. In Voyage without a Harbor, author David D. Peck seeks to provide both the validity and perspective from a historical standpoint. A professor of history at the college level for more than twenty years, Peck presents an accessible narrative overview of Western civilization from the Stone Age to the end of the Cold War in the late twentieth century. Voyage without a Harbor focuses primarily on providing fundamental guidance, information, and insight on how civilization developed, but also occasionally delves into deeper factual presentations combined with some examples drawn from the humanities. Geared toward high school seniors and college freshmen, this study offers a concise look into the history of Western civilization with lists of suggested resources and reading for those seeking more in-depth discussion. “…highly accessible and eminently readable.” ––John D. Young, PhD, Flagler College. “…well-balanced…with fascinating tidbits scattered throughout.”––Ryan Patrick Crisp, PhD, BYU-Idaho.
By William Badke
Online resources have given us access to more knowledge than ever before. We’re buried in data, and defining what is and what is not genuine information becomes more of a challenge all the time. In this fifth edition of Research Strategies, author William Badke helps you make sense of all of the available information, shows you how to navigate and discern it, and details how to use it to your advantage to become a better researcher. Badke focuses on informational research and provides a host of tips and advice not only for conducting research, but also for everything from finding a topic to writing an outline to documenting resources and polishing the final draft. Study guides, practice exercises, and assignments at the end of each chapter help reinforce each lesson. An experienced research instructor who has led thousands of students to become better researchers, Badke uses humor to help you gain a better understanding of today’s complex, technological world. Research Strategies provides the skills and strategies to efficiently and effectively complete a research project from topic to finished product. It shows how research can be exciting and even fun.
By Dennis Cook

Many people, families and ministries end up on the trash heap because of a lack of integrity. This book helps us see God’s view on this important aspect of our lives and the effects it has on our relationship with Him and our success in completing our work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the Body of Christ, we must to the best of our abilities walk as an integer with our Heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The integrity of our heart will lead us to make the correct decisions to further ourselves, our families and our ministries.

A simple, practical book on how to apply the biblical principles to our daily lives and walk in the blessing that are promised to them that walk in integrity.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Holly W. Schwartztol

Friendship is a complicated experience, one filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, joy and sorrow. But true friendship, like true love, can withstand the tests of time—or can it?

For three women, each accomplished in life and facing the challenges and rewards of midlife, friendship is everything. Each has a thriving psychology practice, a family, and security. And each has invested decades of caring, love, laughter, and support into her best friends. Their future looks bright.

When secrets begin to mount and loyalties are betrayed, however, these mature friends struggle to find a balance between their loyalty to each other and their clients, as well as between their families and themselves. The women try to trust and support one another, just as they would advise their patients in similar circumstances.

But behind each brave face lies a festering secret that the owner is understandably reluctant to share with anyone. No one knows to what lengths they will go to protect that secret until the test appears. As each struggles to face her past, the more troublesome skeletons in the closet begin rattling for attention. How will each woman survive the scandal if her secret is betrayed?

Sometimes psychology is not enough to heal the wounds, and sometimes “physician, heal thyself ” is easier said than done.

FORMAT: Softcover
By Cornie Banman
As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to succeed in every area of their lives, which often requires that we provide rules and boundaries so that no harm comes to them. In the same way, God creates spiritual boundaries and laws for His children so that we may be successful in our walk with Him. But what happens when His children, like our children, rebel and decide to break the rules they have been given? In The Commandments of God, author Cornie Banman revisits the laws and commandments that God created for His children and addresses the question many twenty-first century Christians ask: are the Ten Commandments and other Scriptural laws still applicable to our lives today? Banman examines how the Messiah and His first followers responded to this rebellious attitude and how today’s traditional religious society responds to these commandments. He also explores how Satan, the great deceiver, continues to deceive us about God’s laws and plans for our lives. The Commandments of God seeks to provide answers to questions that have plagued Christians since the beginning of the Christian faith, allowing a better understanding of God’s plan for our lives.
FORMAT: Softcover
By William Badke
Writing research papers does not have to be the painful experience many people make it out to be. It is possible to develop significant skills in order to make the writing process much easier than you think. In Research Strategies, author William Badke offers a clear, simple, and often humorous roadmap for conducting research and navigating the vast new world of information and technology.

In this, the fourth edition, Badke details the entire research paper process from start to finish. Research Strategies provides a plethora of insightful and helpful information, including:

Finding and narrowing a topic
Creating an outline
Searching databases
Understanding metadata
Using library catalogs and journal databases
Conducting Internet research
Organizing research notes
Writing the actual paper

Research Strategies explains the skills and strategies you need to efficiently and effectively complete a research project from topic to finished product. With the information provided here, research doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring. Badke’s strategies present a sure path through the amazing and complex new world of information.

By William and Carolyn Hines
All of us struggle at times with finding the right words to say to an employee, a friend, a spouse, or a neighbor. We tend to be timid and hide our true feelings because we are not sure how to respond. What to Say and How to Say It provides us with a guide or road map on how to handle difficult situations and do so in a most professional manner. It’s a proven fact that the best communicators are not the best talkers; they are the best listeners. What to Say and How to Say It—based on the compelling research supporting emotional intelligence and the work of Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence—gives specific prompts or language helpful for entering, engaging in, and exiting courageous conversations. Courageous conversations are those discussions we all need to have, oftentimes with people we care about, don’t care about, or need to care about. These are the conversations that will help us make it through difficult times, get over hurdles that are blocking relationship building, and improve living and working conditions for everyone involved. Skills in courageous conversations help to build emotional intelligence.
FORMAT: Softcover
By Vanessa Van Petten
What would your kids do if they could makeover your family? With the Radical Family Workbook you can find out how teens advise for parents to stay connected to their kids—a totally new approach to the traditional family meeting.

Have you been looking for a way to re-start your family?

Do you have moody or distant teens or tweens and are lost about to connect and bond with them?

Vanessa Van Petten and her teen writers sat down to write the ultimate fun, challenging and inspiring workbook and activity journal for families.

This is more than just a journal, it has activities, workshops, exercises, Icebreakers and bonding discussions that your family can do together.

It is unique because it is written by kid’s, so it is cool enough for teens to be interested while still digging deep enough for parents. The activities are completely adaptable to any family size, time constraints and personal goals.

Don’t miss out on connecting with your family on a totally radical—and new level. This journal can be used again and again and can grow with your family.

FORMAT: Softcover
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