Astral Man to Cosmic Christ
Astral Man to Cosmic Christ
A Metaphysical Odyssey
Perfect Bound Softcover
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To read Astral Man To Cosmic Christ by Eugene E. Whitworth and Lewis S. Keizer, is to absorb two lifetimes of learning in occult wisdom and techniques!

You'll be taken into the fast-beating heart of mysticism and occult learning. Whitworth and Keizer make it possible for you to absorb safely the fascinating drama and a double lifetime of specialized learning while enjoying the fast-paced mystery of a misfit抯 growth, through love and service to country, into one of the great practical metaphysicians of all time. In a desperate attempt to develop astral projection for national defense, a young man is catapulted far beyond his apparent spiritual powers with no guarantee of success. His struggle against psychic spies becomes an epic struggle for the soul of humanity against dark forces that control human affairs.

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Dr. Lewis S. Keizer was one of the scholars who translated, edited, and interpreted parts of the historic Nag Hamadi Coptic Gnostic library. His work on the Hermetic initiation tractate 6 of Codex VI, The Eighth Reveals the Ninth, or the Ogdoad reveals the Ennead, is a definitive reference work for contemporary Hermetic scholars.

Among his writings are The Authentic Jesus and The Simple Word of the Master Jesus, reflecting his work to recover the historical teachings and practices of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus. He has also written Mother Jennie抯 Garden, a touching biography of his spiritual teacher. Excerpts from that work have found their way into this novel, which incorporates Mother Jennie as a character in the story.

Keizer serves as Academic Dean of Great Western University in San Francisco.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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