Horses and other Doubts
Horses and other Doubts
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Moshe Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan/Morocco, between Tangier and Gibraltar. He grew up in a mixture of cultures and languages, Spanish being his mother tongue, attending a French school, hearing the Arabic of the streets and praying in Hebrew. In 1972 He emigrated to Israel and lives since then in Jerusalem. He has published 5 books of poetry and prose in Hebrew and one in Spanish. His poetry has been published in hundred of magazines all around the world.

In his first collection of poems in English, "Horses And Other Doubts".Moshe Benarroch touches the themes of immigration, the confrontation with a new country, discrimination against minorities, Bukowski, Paris, Zionism, Israel, love, the family, poetry, poets and life in general.

All the poems in this book appear for the first time in book form.

In his omnivorous all encompassing poetry, he takes an honest approach, putting truth and honesty above everything.

"Moshe Benarroch transforms permanent exile, the impossibility to adapt and the eternal escape, into his vital poetics." Xulio Valcarcel, El ideal gallego, Spain, 25 feb.2001 "Benarroch seems to hold in his hands not only the world, but also the memory of the world as well." Julia Uceda. 2000. Introduction to "Esquina En Tetuan". "Benarroch tells us that the homeland is always somehwere else, not on maps, it is the smell of an orange tree in Granada on an evening that never existed." Jose Luis Garcia Martin, El Mundo, Spain, 2000 "Moshe Benarroch is one the best Israeli poets writing today." Natan Zach, haaretz, Israel, 19 oct. 2000. "There are no holds barred in this honest look at life as a human being." Jo Ann Miller, january 2001. "Benarroch is the raging bull of Israeli literature." Yaron abituv, Kol Hazman, march 2001. "Benarroch opens a world of emotions, where there is a place for the stupidity of people and their decisions against minorities, and all is done with good poetry." Antonio Luis Gines, Cuadernos Del Sur, Spain 21 December 2000 "Sometimes poetry is a bit more, or a bit less, than poetry: A document."Clarin no. 30, Spain, Nov.-Dec 2000. "if there's one book you should buy from's Cool and Collected Poems by Moshe Benarroh 1990 - 2005... 540 pages and magnificent...if i had a nomination vote for the nobel prize he'd be in the running." Klaus Gerken, Ygdrasil.
Mois benarroch is the recipient of the prime minister prize 2009 in Israel for his prose and poetry. Mois (Moshe) Benarroch was born in Morocco and lives in Israel. He writes in three languages, Hebrew, Spanish and English and his poetry has been published in hundreds of magazines and anthologies worldwide. He was featured poet in the international Austin poetry festival, 1999, in (july 2000) and has read his poetry in Israel, Spain and the US. He has published books of poetry prose and novels in Hebrew, Spanish and English. His novel “En Las Puertas De Tanger” was published by Destino in 2008 and he has just recently published "Amor Y Exilios" (Escalera, Spain. 2010). Both written in spanish. His complete poetry in english can be found in one volume "Cool and Collected poems" (Moben, 2005) in amazon and other online bookstore. For more information and:

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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