Depths of Melancholy
Depths of Melancholy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Depths of Melancholy is man抯 journey through the dark clouds of a gloomy painful reality. Every present moment in a man抯 life is filled with yesterday抯 pains that linger with tender, yet vivid footsteps.

The Depths of Melancholy sinks you deep into abyss sheer gloom, here men抯 wounded inside smeared with turmoil and pain is substantially painted in clear primary colors and with it is carried either lessons or just emptiness.

These poems are a clear mirror of men抯 real shuttered internal being often concealed with everyday drama. Painful as it may be it抯 an open mind surgery that sharpens one抯 understanding beyond time and space.

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I was born on the 23rd of May 1971 In Zimbabwe. I am a poet, artist and philosopher. I have been writing poems for the last 12 years but none of my work was ever published. This is my first attempt to bring my poetry to the public.

For me poetry is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual journey to self realization. Most of my poems are characterized by the painful search for identity and meaning in life.

When I write my poems I rarely search for topics, I often write impulsively. I write from the heart as well as from the head, other times I just write what I see. Some of my poems are reflections of the search in my early years for the absolute and then my bitter reactions at the true colors of reality.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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