The Road from Letichev, Volume 1
The Road from Letichev, Volume 1
The History and Culture of a Forgotten Jewish Community in Eastern Europe
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Road from Letichev presents the history of the area through the eyes of individuals who lived there. The Letichev District (Podolia) of Ukraine was a microcosm of Jewish life in Eastern Europe. It was the home of the Baal Shem Tov and the cradle of the Chasidic movement. This book is, in part, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of his birth.

The book’s purpose is to document what was destroyed in the Holocaust. Although the Soviet experience in the Holocaust is relatively rare in modern literature, no understanding of the Holocaust is truly complete without an understanding of what the Nazis took away from the world. Through the testimonials from survivors of the Holocaust we learn new information about the horrors of the Nazi occupation on Soviet soil.

Richly illustrated, more than 8300 individuals are indexed, including more than 600 unique Jewish surnames from Letichev District. The first of its kind, it provides a complete encyclopedia of the rabbis who traveled The Road from Letichev, plus a detailed description of synagogues (most of which are now destroyed).

Interwoven into the fabric of Jewish life are songs, food, folklore, health, education and crime. The best description of a Jewish agricultural colony to date is detailed. On a tragic note, new information is provided on the 1648 Khmelnitsky massacres, as well as the pogroms of 1882, 1903-7, and 1919-21.

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David Chapin traces his Letichev region roots through his maternal ancestors. David is a geophysicist who operates an instrumentation company in Austin, Texas. He enjoys history, traveling, camping and biking.


Ben Weinstock can trace his Letichev region roots back over 250 years on both sides of his family. Ben is a physical therapist and computer consultant. In his free time, this New York resident enjoys traveling, sketching, and staying fit.


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