Humanistic - Existential Astrology
Humanistic - Existential Astrology
Principles and Evolution
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Humanistic Existential Astrology traces the evolution of the humanistic movement in astrology to date. Classical astrological concepts are interwoven with key issues from modern psychological theorem to present a case for a client-centered approach to this most ancient and revered form of art and science. However, what makes this book truly unique, setting it apart from other astrological works, is its detailed analysis of the concept of "Vital Energy". This bi-polar energy matrix is not only the very foundation of life itself, but also the cornerstone upon which astrology is built. In a sense, astrology is life. It is a scholarly presentation, but one that is suitable for both layperson and profession astrologer alike.
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Vic Purcell holds a master's degree in Educational Psychology. He has extensive experience in the field of human resources, has been a psychological counselor and currently is an astrological practitioner in private practice. He has also taught courses in psychology astrology and has writing numerous articles on this subject. In essence, he bring to the honored position of astrological practitioner, a unique blending of both traditional academic training in psychology conjoined with extensive knowledge of the most up to date principles of humanistic oriented astrology. He can be reached at

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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