Beyond the Bridge
Beyond the Bridge
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When a father dangles his son upside down from the Golden Gate Bridge, the young boy is understandably terrified. But why is he more frightened by the sight of his father’s shoes? Twenty-two years later we awake in a small San Francisco apartment with Jessica Mason. A lowly receptionist for a small law firm, whose life is about to change forever when she meets Juan Carlos Montoya, the handsome son of a Peruvian drug dealer, who is haunted by a distant memory of his first visit to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Beyond the Bridge is a quick page-turner that brings to life a handful of appealing, and very real characters. Laugh-aloud conversations and unnerving suspense flow throughout a myriad of backdrops including San Francisco’s high society, Ohio’s Middle America, and Peru’s underground world of crime and drugs, all cascading into an unexpected yet dramatic conclusion. With just a hint of San Francisco’s gay flavor, Beyond the Bridge captures the quirky, flawed beauty that is the City by the Bay; a city where receptionists become artists, criminals become millionaires, and Middle America becomes comic relief.

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James Stephen Zoller has traveled extensively throughout North America, South America and Europe. Much of his writing is heavily influenced by these experiences. His longest adventure lasted for five and a half years, taking place in America’s most unconventional frontier: San Francisco, California. He has drawn from both his life in San Francisco and his travels in Peru for his first novel, Beyond the Bridge. James currently lives in Houston, Texas with his partner, John, and their two dogs, Casey and Maggie.

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