Gravity Decoded
Gravity Decoded
Exploring the Structure of Space-Energy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Gravity is a mystery. Objects fall to the ground as if pulled by an unseen hand. Galileo was the first person to discover how falling works, but failed to ask why. Kepler deciphered the laws of planetary motion but missed the meaning of his own discoveries. Newton ignited the Enlightenment when he found the connection between matter and gravity, and gave us the tools to measure orbital mechanics. But Newton was disappointed with his own discoveries because the source of gravity lay hidden from him. Einstein discovered the connection between space and matter but his own equations masked the real source of gravity. He failed to understand that space is more than geometry.

This book explores the energy of space and discovers that its structure completely defines gravity. Using simple mathematics and the achievements of Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein, the author constructs a new law of gravity that is defined by the size of the universe and its matter-energy content. Gone is Newton's awkward, arbitrary constant and Einstein's dependence on it. The force of gravity becomes the tendency for the Universe to reach perfect symmetry of space-energy. The Universe is self-regulating with its space-tension exactly balanced by its matter-energy. The Universe consists of only space-energy and the matter-energy that was derived from it. With space-energy revealed as the source of gravity, the author looks into the meaning of anti-gravity, and how we might achieve it.

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Sebastian Borrello studied physics at Syracuse University. Working for Texas Instruments he derived the ultimate limit of photon detection based on the Uncertainty Principle. As a TI Fellow, he headed up a research team to combine infrared detection and signal processing in a single semiconductor chip. His team developed an all-silicon infrared bolometer detector. He was born in 1935, is married, and has two children.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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