A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living
A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living was written to be a companion and guide for the person who wants to not only face the challenges of daily living from a spiritual perspective, but who desires an ever-deepening and unfolding relationship with the Divine Presence. The journey begins with the divine discontent that many people experience in life and quickly creates a sense of hope for the future. On the journey, the reader discovers the ¡°sacred human,¡± God¡¯s will, the nature of true power, how to unravel the mystery of non-resistance, and much more. There is a lesson for each day of the year, and the reader is not only supported by the lesson, but asked to journal his or hers own thoughts and feelings. There are even exercises that help the reader experience the idea for that day. A Daily Guide to Spiritual Living is practical and yet mystical. It will help anyone find the balance between earthly living and a spiritual life.
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Jim Rosemergy is an ordained Unity minister, author of ten books on the spiritual and mystical way of life, and noted international speaker. His life¡¯s purpose is to support the spiritual awakening of the human family and the birth of the new species of human being for the 21st century.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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