A Chronic Pain Management Manual
A Chronic Pain Management Manual
A guide for those who suffer and those who treat pain
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is primarily intended to be used as an introductory reference for patients in pain as well as their family members. It also contains a great deal of information for the medically sophisticated patient or caregiver as well as certain topics that would be best understood by medical professionals or very medically sophisticated laymen such as medical-legal attorneys. The people that will benefit the most from this book will be patients and family members. This book puts complicated medical thought processes into simple, understandable terms. Few physicians understand what happens to patients when they are referred to a "Pain Specialist". Few people know what occurs during injection pain blocks.

This book contains frank discussions of the most common complaints that a pain practitioner sees and treats. It walks the reader through symptoms, etiology (cause), diagnostic steps and treatment approaches. It addresses a multitude of misconceptions and myths associated with painful conditions and pain management. The format is unique in that it is written primarily for the pain patients and their caregivers, and yet it contains enough detail to keep the interest of medical professionals and sophisticated laymen.
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Dr. Fisher is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with expertise in Interventional Pain Management. He also holds a PhD in Human Physiology and Health Sciences, specifically in the field of Pain Management.

Dr. Fisher teaches national level courses in Pain Management to other physicians and medical professionals.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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