The Pointing Bone
The Pointing Bone
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The Pointing Bone is an action adventure that will leave you drained. Set against the majesty of the Sydney Olympic Games and the Australian outback, terrorists build and then demonstrate that they have nuclear weapons and the willingness to use them.

Entangled in this most daring terrorist plot ever is a young aborigine medicine man. Tuomartu would be asked by the tribal elders to chase the evilness that comes upon the tribe. For this purpose he has only one tool...the ornate stick passed through the generations believed to wield the power to stand against tribal enemies. Only the medicine man knew how to use the Pointing Bone...only he could save his tribe and perhaps the world from disaster thought unimaginable before September 11th 2001.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of madmen!

What the CIA, Australian Federal Police and inept Olympic security failed to prevent was now in the hands of the Aborigine's spiritual leader. Only the medicine man had the power of the spirit Gods at his disposal and with his Pointing Bone he alone would stand against the power of the atom in the hands of extremists.

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J Thomas Luther graduated from Boston University with a BA in Political Science. Later finished his Graduate Degree in a Masters of International Management.

Over the past fifteen years J. Thomas has been involved in research projects covering the anti american movements across the globe and within the United States itself. Active as a public speaker he has presented topics about terrorist states and organizations for the past three years.

The shock of September 11th was the first wake up call for the American public but the underlying threat of other more terrifying acts of violence were predicted years ago and underscores the plot in his current Novel The Pointing Bone.

You've got it in one. Couldn't have put it betetr.

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