The Defiant Breed
The Defiant Breed
Book 2 of the Breed Trilogy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Defiant Breed is the continued story of four unlikely heroes in an ancient Ireland that never was.

Delve further into the mysteries of this ancient land as you follow the adventures of our heroes, an alliance between the humans and the last Elf on earth. Each of them searching for something different, for the humans Kyle and Vespa, it’s a shaman powerful enough to undo the curse placed upon their friend Teddy, for the elf Aiden, it’s a way to escape this world and get back to his own people.

Nothing is sacred or safe from them as they are forced to deal with many unexplainable bizarre events as well as break into monasteries and tombs, steal from the dead, capture by Dunath’s Children, and for Aiden, a temporary pact with the one life form he finds lower than the humans, the dwarf Rory.

The Defiant Breed is the follow up to The Dying Breed, the first book in the Breed Trilogy


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James Pasch was born in Washington State in 1966 to a career military father and an Irish mother. He was educated in Germany, Ireland, the Philippines and the United States. He currently lives in California where he works as a software developer.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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