Hurricane Summer
Hurricane Summer
Perfect Bound Softcover
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For young Emily Carr, nothing could ever be more exciting than the pure anticipation of another summer on the Cape with her family. She loved everything about the old house—the smell, the sound, and especially the view. Truro was a magical place for an eleven-year-old to explore, and Emily just felt it in her bones. This was going to be the best summer ever! Too bad she wasn’t exactly right. Her expectations quickly dashed, she is forced to find new ways to make the summer enjoyable. But as another hurricane season prepares to batter the region, she’s got to find the strength and courage to keep herself, her adorable dog Fred, and her family all safe and entertained. By the time the summer’s over, Emily and her family will experience laughter, tears, and no shortage of excitement. Funny how things can spin out of control as their idyllic summer quickly becomes anything but.
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W. Z. Nelson spent her young summers on Cape Cod, just like her protagonist. Now a poet and a playwright, she wrote Hurricane Summer to relive those special times. A full-time resident of the Cape, she and her family enjoy the region she has loved since she was a child.

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