The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion
The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion
Science and the World's Religions Are Pieces to a Puzzle That Need Each Other to Form a Complete Picture
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Science teaches evolution. Genesis describes creation. Christianity, Judaism, and Sufism teach resurrection. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism teach reincarnation. The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion resolves these paradoxes.

Chester and Lydia meet in a debate. One wins. One loses. Neither are ever the same. Lydia discovers a secret from her past that destroyed her family. She tries to ignore it, but her nightmares won't let her. Chester's greed for gold and revenge lead him to ancient knowledge which the powers of darkness fight to suppress. When the information last came to light, thousands died. Somehow, Chester must safely reveal it to the world.

"This is the most inspirational story I have ever read! Honest!"

Clint Hoadley re:

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Dr. Stephen Boston, creator of, holds a Comparative Religion Ph.D., Biblical Studies M.A., and was a computer engineer for a major utility corporation prior to devoting efforts to spiritual research. He teaches The World?s Great Religions at a state university.

Dr. Evelyn Boston holds a Theocentric Business and Ethics Ph.D., Behavioral Counseling M.Ed., and Sociology/Psychology B.A. She is a human resource trainer, executive coach, and employee assistance professional for an international corporation.


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