Searching for Love
Searching for Love
A Semi Comedic
Autobiographical Account
Perfect Bound Softcover
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How many ways can you find love?

How many times can you hear no?

How many times can we ask you how many times. Well, Michael Nicholson gives us the answer to all of these questions and more in his comedic action thriller of searching for love.

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Mr. Nicholson received his PhD from Clencullen University, MS from New Jersey Institute of Technology and BA from Rutgers University. He has worked in counseling, social services and business. His writings helped his dating hugely. And his most recent novel, Searching for Love details his mistakes and life?s lessons learned.

His most recent novel Searching for Love, utilizes his journalistic skill to tell the humorous tale of how one man (him) seeks love in a fast paced world. Searching for Love reaches and touches us as a people and helps us to remember, laugh and be encouraged through his mistakes in foolishly trying to find love.

His next novel, Insights to Our World, tackles the growth and smallness of our culture and society in a new perspective. Just as his First book, Shout Out Loud, symbolized the journalistic growth of Poetry today.


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