The Rain Prayer
The Rain Prayer
A Journey Into Becoming A Prayer Warrior
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Set-up by a terrorist organization within the education system, an American artist learns what "the call of the jihad" means during the three gripping months of Desert Storm in 1991. Even the FBI is unaware of the meaning of this group as they join together to uncover what the group means for America. The psychological warfare the shadowy, underworld group wages for the next ten years is frightening, until their purpose, which is to end the existence of Israel and America, becomes more obvious when our nation experiences 9/11.

The events take place in beautiful Monterey, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley, California. The artist, active through poetry and art in supporting creation of the California marine life sanctuaries, experiences a spiritual reawakening through redemption and prayer which is the effect of jihad upon her as they begin to break her down psychologically. Helplessness, meaninglessness, and loneliness becomes a closeness to God as He renews spiritually through prayer and the Holy Spirit the answers in the story of the miracle of The Rain Prayer.
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Suzan Michele Powers is an internationally juried and exhibited artist and published poet. She has a Master?s degree in art education and has taught school for fifteen years in several parts of the United States. After working in business for over ten years, she maintains a small business on the Internet. The author currently resides in California. Her website address is:

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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