Passport to Past Lives
Passport to Past Lives
The Evidence
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About Passport to Past Lives

Author Dr. Robert T. James demonstrates that the existence of past lives for humans is a verifiable fact following scientific research methodology, and is not dependent upon religion, faith, sacred books, or the insights of mystics.

Dr. James statistically demonstrates that participants' religious beliefs, religious involvement, expectations, education, gender, age or other similar factors have no effect on whether or not they regress beyond birth while in hypnosis and make contact with a past life. He maintains that it is not a major premise of past-life research that all past life memories are true. The important point is, are any of the regressed memories true.

The Author also explores the evolutionary origins of the human spirit.

Dr. James recognizes that today's scientific methods realistically require that the proponents of the existence of past lives assume the responsibility of demonstrating the truth of their assertions. That burden has now been met. It is a matter of demonstrable human experience.

"Passport to Past Lives is a powerful demonstration of fully researched, documented, scientific inquiry into the past experiences of Dr. James' subjects."
-Sydney Heflin, Ed.D. Research Chair, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

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Dr. James is a trained and experienced hypnotist having conducted past life regressions with hundreds of subjects over many years. He has authored five published articles concerning past lives, and one article concerning the use of hypnotically refreshed testimony in trials.

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