Dancing with Bipolar Bears
Dancing with Bipolar Bears
Living in Joy Despite Illness
Perfect Bound Softcover
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James "Jimmy" McReynolds was a rising star young minister when bipolar illness was diagnosed in his senior year of college. In Dancing With Bipolar Bears Dr. McReynolds shares his remarkable story and offers unsolicited advice from someone who's been there and is still there.

If you have an illness, this book is your tool for shaping the life you have continued to envision but never thought possible.

Norman Vincent Peale once anointed him "minister of joy to the world." Today, he is a gifted communicator who has preached nearly 70,000 sermons in 234 nations and territories. His life has been one of beating insurmountable odds to communicate his wisdom to the world. If you really want to recover, get into the workforce, overcome the stigma of your illness, call on your joy instinct to guide your life, and set and achieve life-enhancing goals, this book is for you.

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Dr. James E. McReynolds has succeeded in life despite living with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder for four decades. He travels the world educating and inspiring people with illnesses and healthcare professionals with his stories, insight, and humor. He lives in Elmwood, Nebraska with his wife Laurel.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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