Morenci Memories
Morenci Memories
True Tales of Copper Town
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Morenci Memories is a nostalgic look at a place in southeastern Arizona that no longer exists: the copper mining town of "old" Morenci. Once a community of about 5000 people, it was reduced to rubble, scooped out and filled back in with copper landfill waste.

Morenci Memories includes stories of early Morenci history that the author's parents used to relate as he was growing up as well as memories of the town during WWII. It is filled with the photographs he took and the memories the photos bring back. It ends with a series of pictures taken as the town was being dismantled.

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Joaquin Oviedo was born and raised in Morenci, a copper mining town in southeastern Arizona. While in Jr. High, he became interested in photography and turned his camera towards the town and its people. He constantly took pictures that documented life in Morenci, and then the changes that occurred as the town disappeared. After a stint in the Air Force, he became a Spanish teacher, working for 30 years in Los Angeles. After his retirement in 1999, Joaquin and his wife Vilma have been active in their church as Lectors.

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