Vestiges of an Opera
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Under the memories of Paris in black and white, the weavers of fantasies become time travelers, as they experience body transmutations and different types of love that are hidden in the secrecy of life. A story that perforates psychoanalyses with a needle and with the infinite threads that weave the feminine tapestry away from our daily perspectives, where time and space are mingled and flow into a virtual dimension. The characters are metamorphosed into a constant becoming of fantasies, friendship and into the multiplicity of what silently entangles the existence.

Li(e)nes: Vestiges of an Opera is an endless tunnel that meets other sides and other dimensions, turning the universal truths into intersecting feminine lies. It searches new perspectives of sexuality and madness; it floats inside of the fragmented compositions of an atmosphere made out of particles of dust, the ones that sing through the shapeless sounds of a deaf-mute violinist, whose silence translate the voices of an opera, echoing voices that unfreeze the pre-fabricated truths that comes from a computer system of matter and energy.

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Jacqueline Reino Zanini has dedicated 25 years of her life to studying Literature, Philosophy and Music. A Literature of the Fantastic writer, she has been writing novels and short stories since the age of 12. She currently lives with her family in New Jersey.

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