Learning to Live
Learning to Live
(Early Writings)
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In Learning to Live, Douglas Palermo takes us on his personal journey for meaning, purpose, and enlightenment in an otherwise meaningless, fragmented, post-modern world.

Through his personal writings (short stories, essays, articles, poems, etc.) we follow Doug from being an 8th grade student all the way to being a teacher of 8th grade students-covering over twelve years in the process.

We see Doug the high school student developing his writing skills and using them for fun and humor in the classroom and on the internet.

We see Doug the college student using his writing to tackle issues of politics and self-identity in his essays and short stories.

We see Doug the young adult yearn for spiritual enlightenment in his metaphysical notebook and fictions.

And we see Doug the teacher synthesizing all he learned and sharing it with the world through his journal entries and rap songs.

Take the journey through the writings of Douglas Palermo and you will find his soul and the soul of the Universe.
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The Universe manifested itself as Douglas Palermo on October 16th, 1977. He grew up in the town of Hopatcong, NJ, and attended Hopatcong public schools from K-12. Doug has a History and American Studies degree from Drew University. He worked many years as a deli slicer, took care of old people, and taught two years in the South Bronx. Doug is currently calmly awaiting December 21st, 2012 back home in Hopatcong.

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