Abba's Way
Abba's Way
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In Abba's Way, Jesus returns to set the world's religions straight.

Abba is the shockingly-familiar Aramaic name for God that Jesus uses in the Lord's Prayer. Jesus argues that this very Abba is within each of us, ready to change our lives for the better. If we only have eyes to see.

In 70 brief poetic essays, Jesus explains how we can move the world from its present violent precipice to a global society built around negotiation, individual achievement and openness to the presence of Abba in each person.

On the occasion of the publication of Stephen C. Rose's "The Grass Roots Church", The New York Times called the author a new Martin Luther whose theses might change today's world.

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Stephen C. Rose has written ten books dealing with church and urban renewal, social issues and ethics. He is also a poet, composer and performer. His pieces written for the Web number in the thousands. He lives in New York City and Boulder City, Nevada.

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