I'll Live On
I'll Live On
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AS I KNEW HIM, pioneer, trailblazer, inventor, printer, missionary, poet, writer, engineer, architect-all these things and much more was the Rev. Arthur Erickson-but the consuming, burning, driving force that impelled him through the years was God's call for him to be a missionary to Peru. That all-consuming call drove him to the cities, the villages, the mountains, the jungles, to fulfill that insatiable desire to bring one more soul-some way, somehow, to know Jesus Christ.

When his days of retirement came, he could not rest, and that desire drove him back again to his beloved Peru-back into the jungles-his dream not quite fulfilled. It never could be-he must win one more soul, and so, on June 16th, 1972, at the age of 73, still in Peru, he laid his earthly tent away to be with his Lord.

I'll Live On, this booklet, put into print by his son, Curtis, is in memory of his beloved father, who truly "Lives On" with his Lord. Arthur's message was a message of hope, He preached it to the lost; he preached the message of hope, for he believed in a life that has no end.

Rev. Robert Carrington, pastor for many years, Bethel Temple, Assembly of God, Turlock, California.

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Rev. Arthur S. Erickson was a missionary to Peru from 1928 to 1973, forty-five years of pioneering effort with one burning drive?to preach the gospel to those who haven?t heard. He expresses in these poems his dependence on the Lord at every step, his faith and thankfulness for daily guidance, and his hope in a place where he will ?live on? with his Lord.


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