<b>Monetary Law</b>
Monetary Law
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Cal was reaching behind his jacket to pull his gun back out when the man kicked him in the stomach. The kick came with such an impact that his hands instinctively went to the front of his torso. Trying to gasp for breath he could hear the men struggling. Bar stools were being knocked over and bottles were shattering all around. The officers towards the back of the bar were running to assist but were fighting through screaming customers who were just as desperate to get out.
Cal struggled through the pain of getting a breath back into his lungs. He reached for his gun. Just as his hand found the handle of his 45 he heard a shot.

Follow Detective Cal Panterra's new adventure as he uncovers a brutal murder full of twists and turns. Unable to determine whom he can trust, he's forced to utilize his gut instincts, his military training, and twelve years as a New Orleans detective. But Cal soon learns that the more he uncovers, the more his own life is in danger.

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Mark W. Coussan lives in Cumming, Georgia. An author and historian of educational documentaries who's currently completing the next thrilling adventure of our pragmatic detective, Cal Panterra.


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