We Don't Get It!
We Don't Get It!
Essays on Nature's Indifference.
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Environmental collapse, I hold, is going to be the result of our present collective attitudes. Regardless of what we believe, only when humanity gets an accurate model of reality can we have a sustainable future. We Don't Get It! uses a collection of short essays that get to the heart of this major dilemma. My purpose in writing this book is to clarify some of the most compelling reasons for protecting our environment and to challenge some of our deepest assumptions about our way of life and its effect on our environment in a way that most authors on this subject have not.

The intended audience for this book is the public as well as both the politicians and the scientists responsible for environmental policy. It is a thoughtful examination of our wholesale relationship to our environment and our seeming lack of respect for its absolute primacy. Designed to be easily read piecemeal by both the professional and the public, I believe this book, by its unique and frank approach, will appeal to any one who cares about our future.

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Frank J. Regan has a Master?s degree from the State University of NY at Brockport and he has been active in the environmental movement since 1987. Presently, he is C0-Chairperson of the Rochester Sierra Club and his website, RochesterEnvironment.com, offers one city?s?Rochester, New York?complete environmental picture since 1998.

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