A Socio-Intellectual Survey of our Dynamic Mind, Life, all Creations in Between and Beyond, on Earth--or, A Critical Reader's Theory of Everything: Past, Present, Future; in Continuum, ad Infinitum
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GODS, GENES, CONSCIENCE delves deeply, and portrays succinctly, the nature of our millennia-old "body-soul" and "spirit-mind" paradoxes, including those of our earliest shamanic quests, and material conquests, for survival: From our innate dreams, to religious self-contradictions-corruptions-conflicts-destructions; to arts-linguistics; to socioeconomics-geopolitics; to science-technology; and to reason-sensibility-sanity-faith.

Specifically, this pop-science-first-book author, Mong H Tan, PhD, fathoms links among the chaos-orders of the evolutionary interstellar fabrics of Space, Time, Energy, and Matter; or the cosmic STEM matrixes-entities in the Universe that are all around us: From the creations of Life-Genes on Earth, to the ultimate, unique, unbound capacity-capability of our Mind-Gods within, in our brain or "memophorescenicity", a new unified quantum Mind theory pursued from an empiricist electrochemical particle-wave or Yin-Yang propensities of holism-cosmology; a critical reader's Theory of Everything, Biogenesis-Meanings and all.

Epistemologically-"memophorescenically", in and by all accounts, intellectual and spiritual; Dr. Tan's critical inquiries, philosophical and psychological; his timely anatomy-synthesis of the STEM origins (particularly those of our genetics-mnemonics; our fast-advancing knowledge, consciousness, freewill, and conscience regarding Gods; and our ultimate wisdom of cherishing Life on Earth) have no doubt been sharpened, enriched, and transcended by the vast, fast advances in science-technology, multiculturalism, and pluralism of the East-West, today and beyond.
Dear Readers: For a searchable format of previewing my seminal book Gods, Genes, Conscience please scrutinize the pages in Google Books Search (listed since 2007) and/or Amazon Look Inside (listed since 2008).

Thank you all for reading and scrutinizing my writings; and Happy 2009 and beyond!

Best wishes, Mong 8/17/9usct11:56a; practical science-philosophy critic; author "Decoding Scientism" and "Consciousness & the Subconscious" (works in progress since July 2007), Gods, Genes, Conscience (iUniverse; 2006) and Gods, Genes, Conscience: Global Dialogues Now (blogging avidly since 2006).
Mong H Tan (China-born; Malaysia-raised; multidisciplinary-educated; naturalized US-citizen) has a BA-biology (1973), Wabash College-Indiana; PhD-pathology (1980), Roswell Park Cancer Institute, State University of New York-Buffalo; pioneered anticancer biotechnologies; authored and coauthored over 30 publications in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (USA); Tumour Biology (Japan); Cancer Investigation (USA); etc.

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