National Bank Notes from Frederick, Md.
National Bank Notes from Frederick, Md.
A Guide to the Currency and Bank Officers
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The hobby of collecting paper money is red hot. More and more people are becoming interested in this fascinating hobby combining banking, history, art, and even genealogy. Hobbyists have taken to collecting national bank notes as a fun way to stay connected to their hometown. National Bank Notes from Frederick Md. provides the reader with a basic understanding of national bank notes, and explores in detail the currency and bank officers from Frederick, Maryland.

This non-fiction highlights years of work by the author including dozens of interviews and hundreds of research hours. The research involved cataloging surviving bank notes, documenting history of the banks, and finding biographies of the bank's officers who signed the bank notes. The research pulled extensively from the U.S. National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Historical Society of Frederick County, Maryland Room of the Frederick County Library, and Comptroller of Currency Annual Reports.

From 1865 to 1935 Frederick supported six national banks, with one of those banks being re-chartered. The banks include the Central National Bank, Farmers and Mechanics National Bank, Frederick County National Bank (later re-chartered), First National Bank, and Citizens National Bank. Notes are known from all six charters, with three charters being common and the other three fairly rare.
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For over 5 years Fred Maples has researched and collected national currency from his adopted state of Maryland, specializing in the city of Frederick, Maryland. Fred has conducted dozens of interviews and logged hundreds of hours to catalog surviving national bank notes and research the history of the banks and their officers. Fred loves the hobby of paper money collecting and shares that enthusiasm with his readers.

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