The Sojourner
The Sojourner
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Frank Stewart is a naive teenager steeped in religion. He searches for his dream of idealistic love in the mid-twentieth century but is completely unprepared for life in the real world. Disappointed by his early attempts at love, Frank flees to the Army.

During his time in the army, Frank encounters sociopath Allie Johnson, womanizer Chip Clark, stern career soldier Robert E. Lee Porter, and wealthy homosexual Norman Tyson. Tyson introduces Frank to society in Augusta, Georgia, where he gains hope and confidence. Determined to stay in Augusta, Frank requests a discharge from the Army-not even sure what he'll do it if it is granted. Tyson then devastates Frank with an outrageous and utterly unbelievable proposition that brings their friendship to an abrupt end. With his easy money supply gone and his discharge granted, Frank finds a niche with a romantic music show when he secures a position as a disc jockey. He also finds his true love.

Just when the pieces of Frank's life are falling into place, Allie Johnson makes an unexpected reappearance. When a detective from Oklahoma shows up looking for Allie, his desperate attempt to flee dashes Frank's hopes for happiness and teaches him that life is one sojourn after another and that nothing is final-except death.

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Kenneth B. Frank has been a dj, musician, minister, and cop. He is now an attorney and lives in California with his wife. His next book, The Reverend, will be published in 2006.

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