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"There is a great need for this book!"
-Mary Allan, 2004 California Teacher of the Year

Sometimes tests prove very little and somebody gets left behind even when they're thinking.

Since standardized testing became a priority for schools, nine-year-old Jeffery Taylor's academic life has become pure torture. He suffers from a condition called test anxiety: when he takes a test, his stomach aches, his eyes hurt, he feels like his head is going to blow up, and, at times, he visibly trembles.

Jeff's active imagination hasn't helped his success at school either-especially if he's drawing when he's supposed to be working on other subjects. But schoolwork is not his only problem. His classmate, Matt Huggins, is a real pest, and Jeff and his best friend, Terry, are growing apart. But Jeff is delighted when he meets a new friend who helps him to face his academic challenges.

Testing is a tremendous issue in schools today. It can have a lasting effect on funding as schools balance the need to meet accountability standards with the desire to provide learning to students. But most importantly, it can result in test anxiety which has a lasting effect on children. In Nobody Left Behind, author Deanna Enos uses storytelling as an example of how to begin a dialogue between children, teachers, and parents concerning this important subject.


  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities for Art and Writing
  • Test Taker Tips

It is probably true that %75 of all students feel some anxiety about testing. Certainly most adults, teachers included, worry when performance evaluations come due. It's not just the terminally anxious, we shuld be concerned about. It's the average student, too, who feels stress about testing. Nobody Left Behind One Child's Story About Testingis the 73-page story of one child's battle with testing anxiety. The book's strength is that it is written not just about, but for nine-year-olds. Each short chapter is followed by a few discussion questions and two projects, one to write and one to draw. Ms. Enos also includes a list of 'test-taker's tips." Designed to be used as a reading book with the students in the classroom, this book could be a very effective way to encourage students to talk about their own anxiety and worries. This story concerns nine-year-old Jeff with all his daydreaming, work avoiding behavior, his working mother, his frustrated teacher, and a mysterious elderly man Jeff comes to know only as "Gramps." Nothing is solved in a dramatic way, but progress is made as Gramps encourages Jeff to stand up for himself and believe in his own abilities. It's a message every student should hear. California Association of Resource Specailists Reviewed tn CARS PLUS Volume 26, No. 3
Deanna Enos Author of Nobody Left Behind One Child's Story About Testing has been selling the book at county fairs this summer. She has reached many parents and teachers, who were excited to find it. The book is being offered in an online class through the University of San Diego called Valuing the Individual in a Test Focused Environment -EDU 548P. It is being taught with Alfie Kohn's Unconditional Teaching which is the theory and Nobody Left Behind One Child's Story About Testing is the practical. California State University is recommending Nobody Left Behind One Child's Story About Testing to their student teachers as a must read book. As the author, retired teacher and promoter of Nobody Left Behind One Child's Story About Testing, I think nothing more important than using this book to help the present schools in crisis. I have been thanked repeatedly for writing it, and that is most satisfying. iUniverse did an excellent job of getting it together in a very professional manner that makes it easy to sell.

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