Cheeka Cheeka BOOM Through Life!
Cheeka Cheeka BOOM Through Life!
The Luscious Story of a Daring Brazilian Woman
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Happiness is not an extra!

Welcome to doing life the CARNIVAL way!

This sexy story of coming of age to full-blown-womanhood is set to the beat and the heart of Brazil. Discover one woman's secrets for how to live your "wild power" and open up to your best life ever.

Lygya's story is not to be missed. Chica Chica Boom Through Life is about surviving the really big challenges creatively, from childhood to midlife. It's about having choices and no choices, loving men, losing parents, finding yourself, starting out, and starting over. It's about saying enough is enough! It's about deciding you want to change and how to go for what you want. Lygya is a role model for taking charge of your own life and healing the wounds of the past to learn, grow, and always reach for the brass ring!

Sweeten your life with this story of love, laughter, and living without limits

if a shy, ugly duckling, half-Latin, half-Black woman from a third-world country can raise herself up out of poverty and homelessness to become a beautiful star, SO CAN YOU!

"Lygya's book compels readers to gaze inward and self-examine their own lives. Men have just as much to gain as women from this beautiful, Carnival-loving, force of nature."
-Robert G. Endara II, Vice President, Project Rise and Shine, Inc.
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LYGYA MAYA, ?The Happiness Magnet,? is the only Brazilian life coach in the United States. A compelling speaker and brilliant entertainer, she fires up audiences worldwide with her wisdom, laughter, dancing, singing, and her outrageous comedic wit. Lygya Maya is a former dancing legend who founded her own entertainment company, The Roots of Brazil, which performed at Radio City Music Hall, The Palladium, Lincoln Center, and the United Nations. She has been featured in The New York Times and on national TV, including CBS, NBC, and Fox News. For more information, please visit: or

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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