Aaron's Halloween Adventure
Aaron's Halloween Adventure
Perfect Bound Softcover
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After loosing her father in an accident, Aaron must move with her mother out of the City that she knew as her home to a small town called Shadow Brook, where Aaron must find a way to handle it. With the help of a grandmother that she hardly knows, and a silly cat that becomes like a close friend. Aaron soon discovers that not everything in life is fair and that sometimes the things that you think might be real, just might not be and also that sometimes even your curiosity can get you in trouble. But when four new friends she just meets come to help, she soon learns that if you believe hard enough things can change, and that if you listen to your elders and stop trying to do things alone it just might keep you from danger.
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Jackie Carmichael is a new writer to the publishing world and a lover of children?s books. She also does photography as a hobby. She displays some of her work at a local Art Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa where she is from.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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