The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
The Emperor's New Hydrogen Economy
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Cheap and abundant energy is the lifeblood of modern industrialized society. However, the era of cheap oil and natural gas is drawing to a close, increasing the costs (higher prices) and risks (e.g., BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe) associated with our dependence on petroleum products. Increased costs and risks associated with pollution and climate change resulting from our profligate use of fossil fuels are also becoming increasingly evident. As a result, we are looking for silver bullet solutions to this array of issues, including the “hydrogen economy”.

The Emperor’s New Hydrogen Economy unmasks the fairy tale underlying the so-called hydrogen economy and other pretenders to the throne of cheap, sustainable, environmentally benign and portable energy sources.

However, the author does not see doom and gloom ahead. Instead, based on his research and first-hand experience, Darryl McMahon provides a surprisingly readable guide for the consumer as to how they can utilize efficiency, conservation, solar energy, biofuels and a mix of creativity and ingenuity to prepare themselves for increasingly expensive conventional energy (gasoline, diesel, natural gas, heating oil, electricity) that are coming soon, while maintaining or improving their quality of life.

This book will likely be the best investment you will ever make regarding your energy-related costs.

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Darryl McMahon has a history of finding solutions to thorny problems in his two decades in the fields of business consulting, systems design and sustainable energy and transportation. He has applied many of those solutions at home with his family in Ottawa, Canada.

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