A Pathway to Divine Healings
A Pathway to Divine Healings
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Have you been wounded? Are you in need of a healing? Do you lack healing faith? Discover the answers you have been waiting for in, A Pathway to Divine Healings.

Dr. Jenkins has an aspiration to see everyone with a:

  • Physically powerful conviction
  • Psychologically established
  • A transformed heart

Release the passageway toward being restored back to divine health and well being, will thou be made whole? If so, Let The Healing Begin!

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Dr. Latrina W. Jenkins is the Co-Pastor, prophetess, psalmist, conference host, and founder of Dr. Latrina Jenkins International Ministries, Inc. In the month of June, 2003 Dr. Latrina Jenkins was ordained as a prophetess under the covering ?New Life Christian Center for Excellence, Inc.? Under the leadership of her husband, Apostle, Dr. Alex L. Jenkins In June of 2003 Dr. Jenkins received her Doctoral Degree in Biblical Studies from the North Carolina College of Theology. In December ?2004? she released her first recorded CD entitled Lord I?ll Go. Presently, Dr. Jenkins is Overseer of the Women Division, She is the President of the Pastoral Board, and she is the Praise and Worship Leader of the church. In July ?2006? she released her first book entitled ?Keys to Becoming a Virtuous Woman.? In addition, Dr. Latrina is working on her second Doctoral Degree in ?Christian Biblical Counseling? with the New Life Christian Center ?University for Excellence.? She is the Co-Pastor to her husband, Pastor, Dr. Alex L. Jenkins Sr. at the New Life Christian Center for Excellence, Inc., located in Pompano Beach, Florida

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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