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The year is 2027. A supercomputer under the supervision of Father Conrad is accidentally programmed to find the last day of Earth. He doesn't take this too seriously at first, he knows that the Earth's demise will be proceeded by clear and specific signs: Abnormal and unusual events in outer space, strong and frequent natural disasters on Earth, and certain individuals having insights, religious revelations or dreams..

Having secret information, Father Conrad is alarmed as all three intertwined events occur, and a foreboding computer printout reading, "Fire came down from Heaven", is followed by eight other ominous messages from the Holy Bible. This series of messages come as the computer responds to these frightening events, and they form a mysterious puzzle leading up to and concluding with the printing of a date...the last day of Earth!

Three of the revelations or dreams are true and are based on actual events that have taken place in 1996.

The screen rights to this novel are for sale. the film version starts out with a satellite orbiting the Earth taking pictures and recording the natural disasters below which include floods, wildfires, earthquakes, tornados etc. The scene shifts to an observatory outside of Rome where Professor Amante calls Father Conrad in a panic (bottom of page 171) and the conversation goes on to the middle of page 172. The professor was scared, really scared. Heart racing and breaking out in a cold sweat, he writes in his diary, "I have witnessed the beginning of the destruction of this world's end, but who will be alive to read this!!! He has only one recorse of action left, and that is to pray, like he has never prayed before. In a fit of pleading and letting out all his emotions, his arm knocks the diary off his desk. It falls to the floor and the camera focuses in on page 1, Wednesday, January 6, 2027. This is the beginning of the novel. For prospective literary agents, producers, screen writers and others associated with the film industry, please see my web site Click on Author/Letter for a detailed synopsis
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Donald E. DeFilippo was born on September 21, 1938. He was baptized into the Catholic faith on December 13, 1958. He was married on May 28, 1982. He and his wife have two children in college. DeFilippo retired in November 1996 and is active in his Catholic church. He believes the message is of far more importance than he, the messenger, reflecting on our Lord's words in Matthew 6: 1-6.

The author is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild as of May 10, 2012

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