The Reverend
The Reverend
A Novel
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Why not then remain pure in body, if not in heart? For one, my marriage had made me cynical; for another, my faith was no longer unassailable. Never having heard God say anything, I found too many contradictions in the body of theological non-knowledge as interpreted by Baptist doctrine. I was ready to stray, the principal deterrent being my childhood training, or lack of it. I knew only what they told me. And about women, they told me precious little. How could I conceal from myself that the ever present, all powerful, all knowing God of my sermons-that personal, loving Father-was a stranger to me, even as I insisted that my listeners must surrender to Him or face eternal damnation and punishment? Would I spend the rest of my life as a sexually frustrated hypocrite? Should I continue to preach and pray when I was convinced that Prayer Changes Nothing? Or should I be the real me and sample some of the pleasurable bounty of God's creations? One vote for pleasure. It's unanimous and so ordered.

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Kenneth B. Frank has background experience in radio, ministry, law enforcement, and family law. He lives in Southern California with his wife. Frank?s first novel, The Sojourner, was published in 2006.
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