God, Man and Nietzsche
God, Man and Nietzsche
A Startling Dialogue between Judaism and Modern Philosophers
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What if a believer in God wants to adopt the atheistic teachings of Nietzsche? Golan shows Nietzsche can deepen one's religious experience and explain eternal life.

Did Nietzsche love or hate Jews? Golan presents all Nietzsche's writings on the Jews and discovers why Nietzsche both lauded and castigated them.

What if Schelling had taught in a rabbinical yeshiva instead of a university? Golan shows Schelling's discovery of the roots of evil explains suffering and the Book of Job.

What if quantum physicists had studied Jewish law? Golan shows they would explain how repentance ("teshuvah") works.

Does history have meaning? Golan shows where to find it, what man should do and how to relate to the Holocaust.

What if the Rambam and Ari, Maimonides and Luria, had read Nietzsche and Kierkegaard? Golan shows they would answer all great philosophical questions.

Professor Emil Fackenheim called Golan's dialogue with Nietzsche "an exciting example" of an "urgently necessary encounter between Judaism and modern philosophy" and said Golan's "Nietzsche is deep."

God, Man and Nietzsche is for anyone who has ever asked himself how to talk to God, why to be good, or what is happening in history.

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Zev Golan studied philosophy at Yeshiva University and CUNY. From 1992?2003, Golan directed the Israel office of the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies. Golan is the author of Free Jerusalem, a history of the Irgun and Stern Group undergrounds. His Bible commentaries appear in the Jerusalem journal Tehuda.


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