Stickin' to His Guns
Stickin' to His Guns
A Through-the-Keyhole Look at Mr. Paul Daniel Steckle
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Who is Paul Steckle?

Some view him as a bold political leader whose faith keeps him resolute and determined, a dedicated public servant who places his constituents ahead of his career or his standing with Canada's Liberal Party. Critics say he's a religious fundamentalist whose moral code is mired in a bygone era of intolerance, a man who is traditional to a fault.

But such broad strokes don't begin to capture the essential character of the Mennonite pig farmer who rose to win five elections over thirteen years, representing the citizens of Huron-Bruce in Parliament. Controversial, but never dull, Paul Steckle overcame the odds to become the Unexpected Leader, a popular liberal in a conservative riding. The "fiscal conservative with a heart," Steckle fought to improve healthcare and promote job creation, while never failing to remind his peers that it's the citizens who pay the bills.

With Stickin' to His Guns, political enthusiasts of all stripes finally have a portrait in full of this remarkable figure-a richly detailed, behind-the-scenes account from someone who was there to witness it all. Gregory McClinchey brings to life the battles that Paul Steckle waged against the political elite, scoring triumphs along the way, while accepting setbacks with an unflagging sense of humor and an uncurbed resolve to serve the people over his own ambitions.

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Gregory W. McClinchey is a seventh-generation native of Huron County (located in southwestern Ontario). In 1993, he went to work as a political aide both in Huron-Bruce and in Ottawa for Paul Stekle. McClinchey currently serves as a municipal councilor for the Township of North Huron, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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