The Sprinkling of The Blood
The Sprinkling of The Blood
Releasing the Power of the Blood of Jesus to Work in Your Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The shedding of Jesus blood is the most powerful thing God ever did for mankind. It is the love of God. But many Christians take the blood of Jesus for granted or don't give it any thought at all. In fact, much of the body of Christ has been asleep to this powerful spiritual weapon!

In The Sprinkling of The Blood you will learn:

How knowledge of the blood of Jesus releases its power in your life.
How Jesus' blood provides us with a new spiritual DNA.
Is "pleading the blood" of Jesus foolishness or faith?
What is the blood of Jesus saying today?
Why you must "agree" with the blood in your daily conversations.
How to defeat fear, sickness and lack with the "Blood of Sprinkling".
Powerful affirmations of the blood that you can apply to your life today!

Discover the wonderful prayer power available through The Sprinkling of The Blood.

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Winston Farmer is a marketing professional and bible teacher. He has personally experienced how faith in the Blood of Jesus can drive out fear, heal your body and bring financial breakthroughs. He is called to teach the body of Christ how the daily honoring of the Blood of Jesus can bring victory in everyday life.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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