The Lost Daughter
The Lost Daughter
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Four-year old Annabelle Cain accidentally kills her eleven-year old sister, Emily. The girls' mother, Lilly, plagued by her own guilt and self-pity, cannot forgive Annabelle. She acts as if she has lost both daughters. As a result, Annabelle blames herself for all that has gone wrong in their lives.

The thin threads of the Cain familial tapestry now begin to unravel. It is not natural for parents to outlive their children and in the instant of Emily's death, her parents' pain, physical and emotional, becomes almost overwhelming. Annabelle's guilt is staggering. These feelings continue unabated for some time. Unable to adequately process her parents' divorce and her mother's inability to forgive her, Annabelle reaches out indiscriminately for love and experiences monumental challenges at a young age. Her tragedies multiply as she faces further and greater losses.

The Lost Daughter powerfully illustrates how lives can irrevocably change in a moment. It examines a mother's longing for her lost daughter and explores the ability to heal through love. Women, steeped in the tragedy of an accidental shooting, experience emotional upheavals that lead to strength and redemption. This is a story in which sins are accidental but salvation is intentional.

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A recent graduate of New York University, Daralyse R. Lyons has a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences. She majored in English literature and religious studies.

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