Throw a Great Party
Throw a Great Party
Inspired by evenings in Paris with Jim Haynes
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What do Chloë Sevigny, Molly Ivins, Allen Ginsberg, R. Crumb, Xaviera Hollander (the Happy Hooker), Yoko Ono, and Germaine Greer all have in common? They have all been guests at Jim Haynes's studio in Paris. A dynamic and loveable American ex-pat, Jim Haynes welcomes anywhere fifty to a hundred people for food, fun, and conversation every Sunday in his home. These informal parties, now approaching their thirty-year mark, are the inspiration for Throw a Great Party and illustrate how to entertain a crowd at home without being overwhelmed. Do you want to give a party that's fun and relaxed but also affordable? Throw a Great Party will show you how to give exciting parties that your friends will rave about. Inspired by Paris' best underground dining experience, the Jim Haynes dinners, this book celebrates the whole concept of hospitality and entertaining. From start to finish, this practical easy-to-follow guide offers complete planning, budgeting, shopping, storage, cooking, and serving tips. The collection of tasty international recipes and menus, range from traditional to exotic and are proven crowd pleasers. Tested many times, these recipes will work in any size home kitchen. Throw a Great Party will convince you that entertaining can be a joyful exuberant experience.

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About the Authors

Thanks to the happy magic of Jim Haynes, the trio of authors, Mary Bartlett, Antonia Hoogewerf, and Catherine Monnet met in Paris, far from their countries of origin. Finding inspiration in between sautéeing onions and stewing Moroccan chicken, the Sunday night dinners were an idea that clearly deserved to be shared.

Mary Bartlett divides her time between Portland, Oregon and Paris. In Paris, Mary is a regular cook at the Sunday night dinners. Her cooking blog ( encourages readers to partake of the joys of simple, healthful and, most importantly, delicious, home cooking while offering practical suggestions and unintimidating recipesl. Her professional experience as a restaurant cook, caterer, and cooking teacher has been vital in creating this practical entertainment guide.

A regular chef for Jim Haynes' dinners, Antonia Hoogewerf is first and foremost, ?mère de famille? and home entertainer. Now living between Paris and Calcutta, with a dash of London thrown in, she travels, guides European walking tours, and cooks for fun. Antonia's primary culinary passion is for India and the many Indian dishes in this book are from her delightful repertoire.

Catherine Monnet arrived in Paris from Los Angeles as a young dancer in 1978. Through a friend, she found temporary lodging at Jim?s and, in return for his generosity, she offered to cook for him and his many friends. Voilà, the beginning of the now-legendary, Sunday night dinners! While raising two sons, completing a doctorate in philosophy and still working hard in the ballet studio, Catherine still loves to throw large parties, experiment with new cuisine, and write about food and cooking.


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