Macaroni Monday
Macaroni Monday
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Holly's summer holiday before starting high school stinks. Her dad breaks a precious summer vacation promise and is stepping up plans to get remarried. Her mother has started dating again, her bizarre little brother is acting out, and she has no friends.

Worst of all, Holly is fat. Or so she thinks.

Macaroni Monday chronicles the frenzied journey of a fourteen-year-old girl's desperation to harness the one thing in her life she has control over: what goes into, and out of, her mouth. As Holly drifts deeper each day into the secretive world of bulimia, she eventually puts her health in serious jeopardy without anyone at all barely noticing, least of all her divorced parents.

Finally Holly finds a confidant in an unlikely friend. Mrs. Sinclair lives next door and is in her seventies. As she shares her own experiences as a child evacuee out of London during the Second World War, she helps Holly to reclaim her life in the most curious war possible: the war with oneself.
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Sharlene McGowan holds a Master of Education degree and teaches high school ?at risk? youth. She regularly works with young women who have eating disorders. Intrigued with the universal truths of the struggles and joys of girls and women, her story Brooklyn the House portrays the excitement and tumult of being romantically involved interracially. She lives, writes and teaches in Regina, Canada, with her husband (from Brooklyn).

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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