Fun Schway, the North American way
Fun Schway, the North American way
The Mystical Movement of Energy
Feng Shui
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Powerful Feng Shui energy creates healthy homes! Everyone carries the mystical movement of Earth's energy, from their birth year, throughout their whole life. Every 'thing' vibrates and also carries this energy. You can walk through a negative field and have a really bad day, but don't know why. Learn how to identify and carry powerful, positive energy. Learn the secrets and mysteries of how our lives, our homes and the environment effect our moods, health and lifestyles. Look around, the way you treat it is a direct reflection of how others treat you. Western culture differs greatly from Eastern ways. An easy read on the basics of Feng Shui the Traditional way, without dragons, turtles and lucky charms. Everything you need to know about the energy of your environment, to create a healthy home and balanced lifestyle with over 300 points of interest and short stories. A house carries energy from the architect, the builder, everyone who works on it and lives in it, as well as every 'thing' that is in it. Create your own healthy environment, and surround yourself with positive energy, Fun Schway.
Ancient history, alchemy, science, philosophy, and the mystical movement of energy are all part of an ongoing quest for a deeper understanding of life. What happens when things go wrong, bad luck and mishaps keep coming your way? This means there is a lack of balance from deep within the ancient mystical flow of positive and negative energy within your environment. Loss and change will improve with corrections, in your health, relationships, career, creativity and finances. Today, many popular television programs, books, CDs, and other sources offer inspiration, self-help, health, and creative solutions for an overall sense of well-being. My purpose in this book is to help you understand and locate your positive energy by unfolding the secrets of the mystical movement of energy within and around you. By taking a closer look at your home and environment, you will see that the way you treat them is a direct reflection of how others treat you. You need to understand how to change negative to positive energy within yourself, as well as in your environment. Popular home improvement programs offer ways to enhance your lifestyle, home, and surroundings with creative designs and healthier ways to live. We add this, take away that, and suddenly feel better … Feng Shui energy. From many years of designing, planning, teaching, and working with energy, knowledgeable solutions are recommended for a healthier environment filled with prosperity and positive energy. It is not a science, philosophy, or religion. It is a fact of life! The following theories and short stories offer numerous secret enhancements of the elements for everyday practice. You can read over three hundred guidelines and questions and answers to improve your lifestyle the North American way, through the ancient art of living in harmony with the environment. Fun Schway!
Toronto-born Author, Mallory Wilkins has enjoyed an extensive career and raised two children with her husband while working in the design/build industry. She enjoys teaching, travelling, and writing while consulting on healthy lifestyles and creating environmentally friendly designs using Traditional Feng Shui applications. Professional member of the International, American and Canadian Interior Design Associations, and Author of numerous decorating/design articles, Feng Shui seminars and workshops, Mallory lives and works on Canada's west coast, Vancouver Island, BC, writing the next ... Fun Schway, the Kundalini way.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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