The Atheist's Bible
The Atheist's Bible
How Science Eliminates Theism
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Did God create the universe? If so, who created him? The Atheist's Bible tackles these complex and important ancient mysteries. With the discoveries of modern science, author Geoff Linsley offers a new look at the questions most philosophers throughout history have thought unanswerable.

Mysteries such as "Why does the universe exist as it does?" and "When did it come about?" are thought to be demystified by modern science. Mixing scientific knowledge with common sense, Linsley answers these questions in an easy-to-understand dialogue.

The Atheist's Bible compiles the case for an atheistic universe in a thorough discussion, provides facts that science has gathered about existence, and creates a new view of the nature of the universe. Linsley searched through scientific discussions of how nature operates, through religious wisdom, and through topics thought to be paranormal to present the first complete theory regarding the origin and evolution of existence and humanity.

A collection of several books with individual purposes, The Atheist's Bible furthers the understanding of reality and helps to overcome the fear of the unknown. Linsley challenges the realm of theism and looks outside of it to explain how the universe functions. "The depth of research and the volume of information given make this book exceptional. Linsley treats faith respectfully and doesn’t get into baseless arguments against views that oppose his own. This book is well written, very informational, and entertaining." -- Foreward CLARION Review
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Geoff Linsley is an autodidact, currently obtaining his Ph.D. in meteorology. He was born, raised, and currently resides in Battle Creek, Mi. Greatly encouraging comments and feedback from his readers, you can contact him at: and soon at his website, set to be created by summer 2008,

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