Satan  Christianity's Other God
Satan Christianity's Other God
Legend, Myth, Lore, or Lie Historical and Biblical Proof of how Man Created Satan and Made Satan to Be A God
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This groundbreaking and controversial work brings a completely new perspective on the concept of Satan. Going deeper than simply showing Satan is a construct of religious culture; Satan Christianity’s Other God explores how a belief in more than one supernatural entity is a belief in two Gods. The God of the Scriptures proclaims there is no other supernatural cosmic entity; this includes a Satan. The 4 volume "Imagine No Satan Series" sets a new standard for examining biblical teachings in their properly placed literary and historical context. In Volume I of this work James Brayshaw, author and researcher from Canada, takes the reader on a journey through the Scriptures and history. James clearly presents information and insight to help the reader see “Satan” was not created by the God of the Scriptures. The reader is shown why it is that Christianity believes in a Satan, when the people of God were Satan-free until they spent time among cultures steeped in mythology. Scholars have readily imposed their belief in a cosmic Satan onto passages that say nothing about such an entity. In this volume, well-known passages, which have been mistakenly claimed to be about Satan, are thoroughly explained. The Satan of Christianity is shown to be a fabricated being that only exists in mythology and imaginations. Gaining an understanding that Satan is not real takes the reader a long way towards understanding the One God of the Universe. And puts to rest the burning question of how God could send people to be tortured in hell if He is a loving creator. To see all four volumes in this compelling and life-changing work; go to the web site for a ton of free reading from each volume.
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James R. Brayshaw has spent years studying, teaching, and writing about the religion he was raised in and eventually left. His research about the origin of Satan has brought him to become an authority on the subject. He lives in western Canada with his wife and two children. As a career firefighter, James has worked to extinguish the fires of hell and Satan with the same tenacity he shows on the fireground. Why do I believe the things I do? This is a question James has been asking for decades. His passion for research and pursuit to understand why we believe, has led to this incredibly revealing and informed work on the non-existence of Satan. James R.Brayshaw has journeyed through Pentecostal Christianity where, after 'serving' as a leader for years, he was eventually kicked out for challenging the status quo with difficult questions. Questions the leaders failed to give reasonable answers to. Now, as a personof faith who beleives answers can be found to the mysterious things many of us question, James works tirelessly to present the message that Satan is not a creation of God. His work clearly shows that Satan is a fabriccation of man. His work shows how history and the Bible support this view. James can be heard on the the Imagine There's No Satan - radio show at

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