Changing History
Changing History
A philosophical journey to the Heart of Darkness and beyond
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Changing History develops in the present day from a happenstance meeting of seven international travelers. Caught in a sudden snowstorm in the mountains of Tibet, they stumble upon a teahouse and seek shelter along with a journeying Buddhist monk and nun. During the night, the seven travelers tell tales of circumstances and events that drove them to question fundamental aspects of their lives. In Chaucerian style, each compelling personal dilemma reveals drama and circumstances transcending race and culture. A unique philosophy of human affairs unfolds as the protagonists struggle with war, religion, politics, economics and social cohesion.

They come to realize that their sagas of personal strife and conflict are interwoven in a web of relationships that span the globe and breach the metaphysical. As they grapple to make sense of their changed perceptions of humanity, an extraordinary event occurs that facilitates their departure with new purpose and direction.

Ngawang, the Buddhist nun, reflects, "No person is an island. Everything we do, every motion we make, every action we take, every event in which we participate affects and influences that which is around us and that which happens. We live in a vibrating web of existence."
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How Kuff has worked eclectically and traveled the world, always with an eye toward nature and human affairs. His childhood quest to understand patterns and relationships led to degrees in Philosophy (B.S.) and Mathematics (B.S./M.S.), and a nature-based, energy-independent community-active lifestyle in the forests of the Ozark Mountains.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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