The Girl Who Cried Diamonds
The Girl Who Cried Diamonds
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St. Wishnevsky has been employed as; paperboy, painter, shade tobacco picker, dishwasher, bus-boy, short order cook, grocery bagger, a pantograph engraver, rubber stamp maker, eyeglass tester, letterpress printer, folk musician, MC, white blues guy, porter in an art museum, heating element winder, busker, freight car unloader, bookstore clerk, peace creep, dope pipe maker, swimming pool intaller, roofer, hang glider mechanic, guitar shop foreman, banjo player, tobacco picker, lumberyard worker, assembly line jerk, body shop sander, driver, guitar buffer, carpenter, pontifix minimus, migrant tree planter, surveyor's rodman, christmas tree farm worker, dock monkey, forklift driver, cabinet maker, slam poet, historian, songwriter, luthier, book reviewer, and hot rodder.
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St. Wishnevsky is the author of the first biography of WWII General Courtney Hicks Hodges from McFarland, and makes musical instruments under the names and He lives with Teresa Wiginton in Winston Salem NC

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