CRANKY'S Cookbook
CRANKY'S Cookbook
Appetizers & Soups & Stews & Potees & Pies & Bourrides & Cassoulets & Ragouts
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This cookbook is comprised of recipes for appetizers, soups, stews, potees, bourrides, cassoulets, ragouts and other assorted recipes that have been collected from many countries and many different ethnic backgrounds. Every ingredient or preparation that is needed in each and every main recipe can be found within this cookbook. There are also hundreds of tips to the cook as to the handling of food, the purchasing of fresh ingredients, some brief history as to the origin of some of the recipes and hundreds of tips to the cook. Cooking should never be an effort or fraught with labor it should be fun So, let's have fun!
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Walter Hoving spent most of his life in the restaurant business, working and traveling all over the world, and during these labors and travels, he managed to learn and collect food recipes from many chefs and restaurant owners. He always would try the local fare, whenever possible. And the recipes and information that are spread out within the covers of this little cookbook are a direct result of his efforts.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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