For The Birds
For The Birds
Loss and Gain
Dust Jacket Hardcover
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Sometimes life comes back at you twice as hard and twice as fast as you live it. This is the lesson four young men with successful careers learn as they navigate through life in the South.

Lesane is a high school counselor who runs a small studio for local music talent. He once thought he could swear off love, but he learns the hard way he is sorely mistaken.

Scooter is an athletic coach whose little black book is as deep as a phone directory. He runs through women like he puts his students through practice drills.

Will is a basketball star in New Orleans. Everyone said he was too small, but no one could deny his skills. He and Janet – who proclaim themselves “just friends” – have a little boy. You can count on Will to be super dad during the off-season.

Ray is a DJ for a local radio station. Despite being surrounded by women, he finds it hard to stay connected. He’s either trying too hard or just doesn’t have game.

Join these four friends as they navigate life’s ups and downs, wins and losses. Each encounter teaches them something about themselves, life, and love along the way.

Now you may think this is a love story, and in some ways it may very well be. But if you look deeper this is a story of loss and gain, time and chance, cause and effect, winning and losing. We lose and gain things our whole life. One day we’ll even lose life itself and that’s the only guarantee you have when you’re born! But it’s not about a win/loss ratio, but about “when” you lose and “when” you win.
Davin J. White was born and raised in the heat and humidity of Louisiana. In the south, men are raised to be tough and introverted; therefore, ever since he was a youngster, White has put pen to paper to express his feelings.

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