High School Super-Star: The Junior Year
High School Super-Star: The Junior Year
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Coach Thomas Shaw was the head football coach and athletic director at William Edward Salem High School in Ridgeview, Maryland. The huge AAAA high school had a tradition of strong athletic teams.

A knock on his door one mid-August day changed high possibilities to high probabilities for state high school sports supremacy. Coach Shaw quickly discovered that transfer student Kyle Morgan was not a normal 16 year old high school junior. Things were about to get exciting around the old school.

A beautiful basketball playing cheerleader enters the picture, an intriguing CIA mission confronts the Morgan family, a rock n' roll recording contract becomes a reality for the high school super-star, and fabulous play-by play sports action gives you the feeling you are watching Salem High School athletics from the stands. A climatic and shocking conclusion will bring tears to your eyes followed by a joyful smile.

The Kyle Morgan story has just started.

High School Super-Star: The Junior Year can finally be told.

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Cecil Buffington was a child of the sixties. He was a high school athlete of some note that earned 14 letters while participating in four sports at Jefferson High School in Jefferson, Georgia in a high school career from 1960-64.
He currently resides in Jefferson, Georgia with his wife of over 40 years, Betty.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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