My Quest For Computer Cognition
My Quest For Computer Cognition
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To raise his grade average in biology class, New York high school sophomore Kurt Machaen Soldier writes an extra credit report. A patchwork of seemingly insignificant thoughts is hurriedly transferred to paper and handed in as A Treatise on the Nature of Life. A reading of this dissertation leads Kurt’s biology teacher onto a train of thought to recognize the homeostatic force links all known forms of life to a Creator.

Kurt’s treatise is a prophetic instrument given to the North American continent in the last half of the twentieth century that his nation can and will use to impose a moral standard on the future world.

The treatise is also a template, a conceptual blueprint to theorize designs for the invention of practical, functional, and prototypical computer systems and devices mimicking biological cognition. A work of fiction, My Quest for Computer Cognition intends to be the spark challenging and motivating future generations toward the realization of computer cognition.

“As a matter of fact,” he furthers to Eugene, “of all the sciences like chemistry or physics …, mathematics is referred to by some as the queen of the sciences …, without her none of those other scientists could’ve discovered and explained as much as they did.”  Eugene listens as his father speaks with enthusiasm.  “Just think if you could understand all these mathematical terms, and then to realize what all these mathematical statements are actually saying. Imagine the tools you would have to build with then …, the tools you’d have to describe to yourself and to others exactly how a transceiver over there in Detroit or Chicago make the electrons do something so quickly to the electrons your receiver picks up over here.” 
Amy Soldier grew up within the rural communities inside the rolling hills situated sixty miles up the Hudson River and north of New York. She became fascinated with animate biological objects. She lives in the New York metropolitan area.

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